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Whitening & Bleaching

Whitening your teeth can be the simplest and most rewarding procedure to improve your smile.  The appearance of your smile is greatly enhanced by white teeth.  Nobody likes dark, dingy, stained teeth. It has been shown in a number of studies that a person’s first impression is sometimes the most important; furthermore it has been shown that your smile has a great deal to do with that first impression. Having a bright white smile can help you make that important first impression.
The whitening process, often referred to as “bleaching” is a simple procedure that you can do at home or if you prefer in one session in the office.  There are two “at home” techniques. One involves the use of whitening strips placed over the teeth.  With the strips, peroxide concentration matters, and the Crest Professional Bleaching Strips have worked well for a number of my patients.  Some patients have had success with the over-the-counter strips, but they are not as effective.  One has to be diligent with the strips, but they will work.  The other at home bleaching process is the use of custom fabricated bleaching trays and bleaching material.  This procedure has been the time-honored method of bleaching teeth and amazing results can be obtained in two or three weeks.  The in office whitening procedure, as seen on the “instant make-over” shows, is a one visit procedure done in the office.  This is the fastest way to get your teeth white, but the most costly.  If you need to have your teeth their whitest fast, or don’t want to be bothered with the strips or trays, the in office procedure is for you-white teeth in a little over an hour.
Your teeth will begin to stain as soon as you stop bleaching!  As a matter of fact your teeth are the most susceptible to staining while you are bleaching your teeth and for a short period of time after you finish bleaching.  It is important to avoid dark sodas, dark wines, dark fruits, etc while you bleach and for a 1-2 week period after bleaching.  With the strips or custom trays you can “touch-up” bleach about every 4-6 months if your teeth have REALLY darkened. This is easily checked with shade tabs. It must be said that there are some individuals that have become “addicted” to whitening their teeth and may be harming their teeth by over-bleaching.
Teeth whitening has never been easier and can be one of the most satisfying cosmetic procedures you can treat yourself to.  
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