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"Now that I've seen what a truly talented and friendly doctor can do, I feel very comfortable in visiting Dr. Kirk's office "

My Physician recommended seeing Dr. Kirk for dental care, and I'm very glad for that advice. The staff and technicians there are friendly and very competent. Dr. Kirk has the steady skilled hands of a surgeon, the experience to know the best treatments for the patients needs, and the genuine concern to educate while listening to the desires of the patient.

My root canal went very smoothly, and the recovery was painless. The treatment was challenging because an access hole needed to be drilled through a porcelain cap and Dr. Kirk wanted to save the cap if possible. His patience and mechanical skills resulted in a perfect procedure and a minimum impact on the tooth and surrounding tissue and jawbone.

His office uses a modern digital video xray system that allows the doctor and patient to instantly see dental xray pictures on a large computer monitor The pictures can be magnified and shifted on the computer so the patient and doctor can clearly discuss problem areas and treatments together.

For me dental work is one of life's worst experiences, but now that I've seen what a truly talented and friendly doctor can do, I feel very comfortable in visiting Dr. Kirk's office for future dental maintenance and treatments.

A. Thompson
Santa Maria

"My new lumineers are great... I feel very confident when I smile..."

My new lumineers are great. I feel very confident when I smile because I know that my teeth look straight and white. They are very comfortable and I forget that I even have them. I have been told by other people that my teeth look very natural.

The prodecure was pretty painless with very little discomfort. It really didn't take as long as I thought it would to do all the prep and then do the actual work.

The staff was great and very helpful with all details including care of my teeth as well as cost of the whole prodecure.  The infection control procedures are excellent and I felt that Dr. Kirk really was extremely competent. I would highly recommend this office to anyone for any dental procedure.

Alys Eames

"Dr. Kirk is a genuine person who is interested in helping you over come your anxiety about dentistry."

I am writing this testimonial to all those patients who are frightened to go to the dentist. I avoided going to the dentist due to bad experiences in the past. Dr. Kirk and his staff are different. Dr. Kirk took the time to find out what I wanted and expected for my dental treatment.  As it turned out I had no idea of the options available for me to choose from. Dr. Kirk explained the differences to me and allowed me to participate in my treatment decisions. Just knowing that I had control of my treatment goals helped me alleviate some of the anxiety I used to experience. Dr. Kirk and his staff took the time to make me feel comfortable and made sure my experience was not too overwhelming for me.

As part of Dr. Kirk listening to my dental needs I discovered that denture patients do not have to feel left out of the “cosmetic dentistry” realm of treatment. I had worn my upper denture for years and had it remade as it needed to be replaced, but I was never pleased with how they looked. I assumed that since it was a denture that is how it had to look. Dr. Kirk’s method of making dentures was unique to me as I got to decide how my smile looked and the shade of  my teeth. My new denture looks so natural people don’t know I have an upper denture.

As my dental experiences with Dr. Kirk have given me new confidence in dentistry I have decided to go another step forward and have dental implants placed. My implants will allow me to eliminate my lower partial. Dental implants were a big step for me, but with my confidence in Dr. Kirk and his staff I was able to proceed with a treatment plan that will change my life.

I highly recommend Dr. Kirk, not only for his skills as a dentist, but also because he is a genuine person who is interested in helping you over come your anxiety about dentistry. All this allows you to be in control of your treatment and you too can achieve what modern dentistry has to offer.

Marilyn B.

"I am so happy with Dr Kirk's work. He's much more than a dentist - he's truly an artist."

I am so very happy with Dr Kirk's work. He is much more than a dentist - he is truly an artist. When I first went to see him I was over 50 years of age with four very aging fillings in my front teeth that could no longer be replaced. The appearance of my teeth definatley aged me. In photos or video my teeth appeared yellow or often it even looked like I had large cavities. I often do television interviews and need to look professional.

Dr. Kirk discussed several options with me and reassured me the procedure would be virtually painless. His staff used a digital camera and dspecial computer software allowing me to pick from several photographic images of my mouth with a variety of new shapes and tones for my front teeth.

Dr. Kirk was definatley right. The procedure was pleasant and painless and today no one ever guesses I have caps on my four front teeth. Today I'm very happy with the appearance and feel of my teeth and I even look younger! Dr. Kirk is a fine craftsman and his staff is terrific too.

Ethel Landers
Recreation Coordinator, Marketing & Development, City of Santa Maria Recreation & Parks Dept.
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