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Smile Reminder


Smile Reminder

Smile Reminder is a wonderful service that Dr. Kirk has available for you that allows patients to communicate with our office more effectively and easily. In addition, Smile Reminder allows the office to communicate with yourself using your E-mail address and/or your cell phone. Essentially, Smile Reminders is a service that Dr. Kirk utilizes to communicate with your technology seamlessly.

For example you can receive a text message and voice mail reminder of your dental appointment one week and again one day before your appointment. What a great way to keep that appointment time fresh in your mind. You will be asked to confirm the appointment. In addition you can E-mail the office and request an appointment or a call to schedule an appointment. Smile Reminders is a tool that allows more effortless and effective communication with our office.

Smile Reminder has a portal in our website called Smile Dash, that once a secure account is created by yourself, you may view your account online and make secure payments on your account. This feature is a real time saver as now your account may be paid online and with out mailing an envelope, from the comfort of wherever you may be. We encourage our patients to use this feature for its convenience.
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