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Crown-in-a-Day with Cerec

Our office now has the technology and expertise to provide paitents with custom shaded all porcelain crowns in one dental visit. There are no messy impressions to gag on, no temporary crown to worry about and no second appointment or second injection. This procedure uses a CAD/CAM system.
We take a picture of your prepared tooth and then design a custom fit crown with the Cerec computer software. Then we send the design to our milling machine to cut the crown out of a solid block of extra strong porcelain. After the milling process is complete we will custom shade and glaze your crown. This all takes place while you relax with a magazine or watch a movie with our special DVD glasses. The crown is then bonded in place and you are free to get back to your busy life with a beautifully matched permanent crown in place. My Staff and I are very pleased to provide this level of service for our patients: a crown start to finish in one visit. Needless to say, VERY few offices on the Central Coast have this training and technology.
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